Induplast amplifies options for travel packs

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One of Induplast's most requested personal care products now comes in a handy travel size option with a 25ml capacity. The Roll-one is an excellent packaging for beauty, personal care, skin care, sun care and localized pain relief products, and the new travel size offers a perfect pocket-sized option.

Induplast's Roll-one line was originally created to offer an alternative option to typical roll-on packs available on the market, and enhance brand visibility on the shelf. Since the big-ball line was introduced to the market it has proven to be one of the Italian manufacturer's most important products.

The addition of a 25ml capacity increases sales opportunities for brands looking add travel-sized versions of their products which have seen particular growth in the areas of skin care and sun protection products.

Like its more sizeable counterparts, the 25ml capacity Roll-one benefits from 100% recyclable material —PP and PE— both of which are available with in-mould matte or glossy body and cap finishes.

For an eyecatching finished look, Induplast offers a number of colouring and decoration options to demonstrate that small sized products can have just a large shelf presence as their larger sized counterparts.

Add your company's corporate colours and branding to the Roll-one 3D model and see how it looks!

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