Eco-friendly Lip Balm, the green packaging for lipstick

Induplast is sensitive to environmental issues and aims to work towards developments that support the ecosystem and creating innovative products, such as Eco-sustainable Lip Balm.

Made entirely of PP, Induplast’s Eco-friendly Lip Balm is an ECOCERT-certified lipstick/lip balm package produced in a single material, and as such is 100% recyclable. The cold fill, pre-shaped stick container is also available in a PCR version, produced with post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Eco-friendly Lip Balm container is fully customisable, with a variety of colour options for each component, as well as decoration options including screen printing, hot stamping, and lithography techniques.

Eco-friendly Lip Balm is the perfect answer for brands that are looking for sustainable packaging solutions, as well as for eco-sensitive customers who want the most environmentally conscious solutions in the products they purchase.

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