Solid cosmetics: a trend on the rise

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There are more and more brands that offer solid skin care and hair care products, solutions that present themselves as sustainable alternatives because they significantly reduce the use of water, the volume of packaging and, consequently, their environmental impact in terms of transport and disposal.

The versatility of sticks allow you to use the same container for different types of products, ensuring excellent usability and user experience.

Why choose a stick for
your solid cosmetics lines?

  • The format is practical, compact and travel size
  • Use is comfortable and practical.
  • Application is direct, you don't need to touch the product
  • The right amount of product is applied, there is no waste
  • The product maintains its chemical properties without finger contamination
  • Mono-material sticks are 100% recyclable
  • You can choose sticks made of 100% recycled PP

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