4,5 cc cold fill preshaped stick

Flute Click


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Flute Click
Packaging TypeStick Containers
Packaging Sub-TypeStick Containers - Cold Fill
Market - MajorBeauty, Personal Care
Market - SegmentCosmetics
Market - End UseLips


Feature Notes



Volume - Nominal4.5 cc
Volume Range1 - 9.99 ml


Height74.9 mm
Diameter18.6 mm
Inner Size11.25 mm

Stick Attributes

Cold fill with preshaped stick


Manufactured AtInduplast
Decoration OptionsHot Stamping. Offset. Silk Screening

  • Induplast Packaging Group

The internal 45 ° cut of Flute improves the ergonomics of the product application, making the lip balm container functional as well as elegant and strong. The Flute lip balm container can have either a cold fill with a pre-shaped stick or a hot fill by direct casting and is available in 3.5cc and 4.5cc sizes.

Flute lip balm containers can be made in any color and customized by choosing between screen printing, hot stamping, and offset techniques. Flute with cold fill pre-shaped stick is also available in the Flute Click version (available in 3.5cc and 4.5cc) in which, the "click" generated by closing the cap, reassures the user that the lip balm container is perfectly closed.

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