Roll-On Stick - S94 - 35cc

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    With its total length under 100mm, soft curves, and a comfortable width of 34mm, the S94 Roll-On Stick from InduPlast fits really comfortably in the hand. The screw on cap fits almost seamlessly to the bottle, and with its 3-thread turn stays securely in position until use.

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    ROLL-ONe -S457- 50cc

    One of Induplast's most requested personal care products is its popular and distinctive Roll-one line, a range of big ball roll-ons which were originally designed to offer client firms an alternative to standard items. The Roll-one enables products to stand out on the shelf and provides consumers with a better application solution thanks to its impressive ball of 35.5mm (1.4 in) which allows a better application coverage and is in line with the latest market trends. The packaging is available both with in-mould matte or glossy body and cap finishes and is ECOCERT approved.

    ROLL-ONe -S458- 75cc

    Induplast's unique Roll-one family is an excellent example of the Italian style and design capabilities one associates with this top Italian packaging manufacturer. Roll-one benefits from 100% recyclable material (PP and PE) and currently comes in capacities of 50ml and 75ml, both with in-mould matte or glossy body and cap finishes. The whopping 35.5mm ball offers excellent application coverage making the Roll-one line perfect for several purposes including personal, body care, para-pharmaceutical and anti-mug formulations. The packaging is ECOCERT approved.

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