Mandatory environmental labeling: What does the law require?

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Since September 2020, in Italy, Legislative Decree 116/2020 has come into force, amending Legislative Decree 152/2006 and implementing the European directive on waste (EU 2018/851) as well as the one on packaging and packaging waste (2018/852 ).

Please note: this is European legislation, we suggest you refer to your local laws for any specifics. If you are not in the European Union, these laws may not apply to you.

The decree has a great impact on all manufacturers because it establishes the environmental labeling on each packaging as mandatory. The law says:

“All packaging must be appropriately labelled in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable UNI technical standards and in compliance with the decisions adopted by the European Union Commission, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging, as well as to provide correct information to consumers on the final destination of packaging.

"Producers are also obliged to indicate, for the purposes of identification and classification of the packaging, the nature of the packaging materials used, based on Commission Decision 97/129 / EC ”.

Read the guidelines here.

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