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induPlast introduces its new Smart Smile stick

Leading Italian packaging firm induPlast, the producer of a wide array of cosmetic and personal care items, has recently launched its Smart Smile line of stick containers.

Designed to appeal to modern consumers, the sticks are incredibly functional and come in both standard and sporty versions. The gorgeous design is strikingly innovative in a number of ways, including no-slip grips on the caps and the inclusion of housing for optional necklaces.

Made of a highly compatible PP, the new Smart Smile (a recent extension of induPlast's popular Smile line) can accept 9ml of bottom-filled product. The standard version comes with a solid PP cap, though clients have an alternative cap option with bi-injected lateral inserts on either side, creating a no-slip grip that's not only functional, it also enhances the clean aesthetic of the container.

Further, the rotating dispenser wheel on the bottom of the container comes with a plug with a special housing suitable for client supplied necklace attachments that provide even more functionality and athletic appeal.

Designed for on-the-go products, the Smart Smile is fantastic for lip balms, sunscreens, dermocosmetics, baby care products, foot care products, insect bite treatments, make up, OTC and para-pharmaceutical products, and more. Obviously, the Smart Smile line isn't limited to male consumers, it could just as easily provide a sporty packaging solution for women or as a unisex product, it simply depends on the decoration options selected and the marketing tack taken.

The practical, compact format of the container is perfect for anyone that needs a product that can be kept in a bag or handbag or that can be worn and kept out of the way while being active, whether on the beach, on the slopes, on a bike, or on foot.

Decoration options for the Smart Smile include silk screening, hot stamping, and tampo printing, as well as custom colouring in solid, translucent, metallic, or pearlescent shades.

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  • Modified 10 Nov 2015
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