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FLUTE balm sticks by induPlast: Selected by the biggest dermatological and derma-cosmetic laboratories

The FLUTE range of stick containers by induPlast has been developed in order to ensure full compatibility with a number of applications, particularly dermatological and derma-cosmetic products as well as OTC products sold at pharmaceutical sales points.

Many firms are discovering the possibilities of packaging their treatment solutions in stick format rather than in creams. The paradigm is easily comprehended by consumers and offers a simple and efficient way to apply a spot treatment without having to dispense, dose, or wash hands before or after.

All about FLUTE

The sticks have a capacity of 3.5ml or 4.5ml, with an interior diameter of 11.25mm. The container itself is composed of solid ABS which can be tailored to the needs of the client firm. Decoration options include offset printing, UV silk screening, and hot stamping. One of the primary features of the FLUTE line is its versatility when integrated into filling lines. The rugged container can either be set for cold filling with pre-shaped sticks that are assembled with the container or can be hot-filled with direct casting.

The new angled head is another feature of the elegant line, making it an easy, high performance applicator for any number of products. Further, the cap of the stick ensemble is tall and encompassing, ensuring mishaps in bags or purses don't occur.

About induPlast

Specialists in design and manufacturing, induPlast produces containers suitable for products from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries. The firm has been on the market since 1958, hence the company has vast experience in design, development, processing, and decoration. Their skill and expertise has meant induPlast’s staff is at the disposal of the client for their every packaging need.

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