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Induplast's "FLAT" range

As a firm, Induplast was founded in 1958 as a family run business specializing in the design and manufacturing of plastic containers for a number of sectors, including the high end cosmetic market. Over the years, increasing investments in the research of new materials and innovative solutions has enabled the company to develop unique and distinctive products, with special finishes and refined details. Whether the company is producing a mass market solution or developing an upscale, luxury project, the quality of the packaging produced is always superb.

In line with Induplast's consistent drive to exceed customers' expectations, the company has released a set of luxury jars for cosmetic, personal care, or cosmeceutical products in a number of popular sizes: 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 70ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, and 250ml.

Made of versatile and multi-functional PP, the jars are suitable for many different formulations, including quite sensitive ones, a key reason many luxury cosmetic firms use the material to house their precious products. The exterior can be set to either a matte or glossy finish and final customization is offered through silk screening, offset printing, hot stamping, tampo printing, labelling, and more. The FLAT line provides exactly what the name would indicate: without becoming boxy or offering sharp edges, FLAT features a massive surface area for customization, along with perfect, clean lines that give the lone an elegant silhouette.

Consumer-driven thinking and market testing has also led to the introduction of a an innovative and sturdy sifter, available for the 250ml version, providing companies with a means to package powder products and offer consumers a better solution for their powder cosmetic products. Given the large range of sizes available, firms can create a full line of products or pick and choose to nourish an existing one. The 10ml size, for example, is fantastic as a travel item or sampler.

According to Rossana Cortesi, Induplast's Export Sales Manager, "Our strength lies in versatility, flexibility and in giving a phenomenally high degree of performance at all times, starting from project preparation right through to the decorating and finishing of every product. Each project we take on becomes unique and personal in some way."

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